About Us


Flowering Shrubs Nursery Ltd

Established in 2007, we aim to provide a friendly, caring and safe environment where children can develop through real life experiences.

Respect for All

At Flowering Shrubs we respect all personal, medical and religious dietary requirements.  Diets and eating practices of all cultures will be positively valued, providing children with an opportunity to respect other traditions.

The Gold Standard Health Snack Award Plus

At Flowering Shrubs we have been awarded the Gold Standard Health Snack Award Plus.  To comply with this award we ensure that we provide healthy snacks and drinks for children at the setting and follow guidelines on hygiene and the eating environment.  We also have staff at the setting who have completed a Community Food and Nutrition Skills course.


Regular mandatory training is provided for all staff.  There is also a large amount of extra training provided throughout the year which staff are able to attend free of charge.


The spoken language at Flowering Shrubs is English.  We use incidental Welsh to help promote the Welsh language.  We encourage the use of all languages at the setting.

Safeguarding Children

All staff attend the mandatory Child Protection training to ensure they are competent to implement procedures at the setting.

Childcare Vouchers

We accept Childcare Vouchers.